// James C. Kane

developer (web, apps, ai, xr);

let elevatorPitch = "A creative software developer working with emerging technologies - currently focused on the intersection of spatial computing, machine learning, and web/app development."

let caseStudies = {

  • healium-xr:

    “Hatch AR butterflies with guided meditation & positive emotion measured by EEG – nominated for Best Use of AR at the 2019 Webby Awards.”

  • party-pets:

    “Tend & befriend intelligent virtual pets who live in & understand your world – coming December 2019.”

  • vr-neural-nets:

    “Cast magic spells by drawing runes in virtual reality – powered by TensorFlow deep learning, published on VRFocus.com.”

  • wash-u-research:

    “Maze applications giving data-driven insights to Washington University in St. Louis researchers studying navigation skills in aging populations.”

  • bb-8-vr:

    “Control Star Wars’ BB-8 with voice and gestures in a room-scale virtual reality experience, as published on UploadVR.com.”

  • tech-evangelism:

    “As a communications pro turned creative technologist, I engage with the community through journalism, social media, public speaking, panel discussions and conferences.”

  • otslstories-com:

    “A beautifully-designed site for Opera Theatre of Saint Louis with custom Instagram/Twitter API integration for automatic social posting.”


let contact = {

email: "james@jamesckane.com",

twitter: "@jamesckane"


let skills = [

"JavaScript (Angular, React, WebVR, three.js)", "Python (TensorFlow, Django, Flask)", C# (Unity 3D, .NET)", "HTML5", "CSS3", "PHP (WordPress)"