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Apart: Posters from a Social Distance

let abstract = "In the early weeks of March, newly-confined to our homes and facing months of epidemiological and economic uncertainty, a group of creatives reacted by doing what they do best: making art together. This is the story of Apart, a social distancing-themed community poster show and multiplayer virtual gallery space comprising 150+ original works from designers around the world, permanently accessible in virtual reality and via web browsers, with proceeds benefiting the World Health Organization’s COVID-19 relief fund. Creative and technical processes behind the project included a completely open source software stack, spinning up custom Blender supercomputers in the cloud, and weaving in designers’ written and video testimony to frame the truly surreal experience of creating something meaningful even while separated by a global pandemic. As a result of this 2021 Webby Honoree project, key hires were made, new Fortune 50 clients were acquired by the agency, and partnerships were forged with open source platform makers Mozilla. More info in the official case study."

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