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Above Par-adowski WebXR Mini-Golf

let abstract = "Above Par-adowski is an original VR mini-golf game that began as a 40-hour prototype and evolved into a native-quality gameplay experience featured on the Meta Quest homepage with a case study on Meta’s blog. The game was also named Glitch’s “Coolest WebXR Experience” of 2022, won a Silver Addy Award, and garnered these impressive analytics since launch in November with zero promotion budget:

* 115,000+ unique VR users from 168 countries
* 700,000+ made putts
* 6:30 average time on site
* 63% of users returned a second time

Above Par-adowski was also recently highlighted by journalist David Heaney of UploadVR. Heaney positioned Paradowski’s work alongside Meta’s own first-party content and explained some key advantages of web-based games:

“You can access WebXR apps near-instantly via the browser like any other web app. No installation or updates are required, and the developer doesn’t need approval from a central app store authority … While [Meta’s] Project Flowerbed runs at 72Hz, [Paradowski’s] WebXR mini-golf runs at 90Hz.”

This shows not only can web-based games achieve the same quality as any title on Meta’s app store, they can even exceed native apps in terms of accessibility, load time, entry UX and cross-platform support. The metaverse becomes as simple as click, click – another world."

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