// James C. Kane

developer (web, xr, ai);

let elevatorPitch = "A creative technologist and developer directing teams in emerging technology - currently focused on the intersection of immersive tech, 3D technical art, AI and the open web."

let caseStudies = {


let contact = {

email: "james@jamesckane.com",

twitter: "@jamesckane",

linkedin: "James C. Kane"


let skills = [

"JavaScript (three.js, A-Frame, Node.js, React, TensorFlow, WebGL, HTML/CSS/etc)", "C# (Unity 3D, .NET)", "C++ (Unreal)", "Python (PyTorch, Flask)", "3D Technical Art (Blender, Substance)", "A/V Production (Ableton, Premiere)", "Adobe Creative Suite (Ps, Ai, Xd)"